Can you miss someone without having met them?

Where are you?

When will I meet you?

Are you looking for me?

Do you feel this too?

Can you miss someone without having met them?



when i was i child i believed that there was only one person who could be your true, real, love… one person who could complete you and your life, and only with this one person could your life be full and happy. without this one person by your side you would be alone. alone. unhappy. hollow

I know that’s not the case. It’s actually much happier, more hopeful, there are so many people we could each be happy with by our side, for most of our lives or a shorter time. People whose paths run along ours at that time in their lives. We can hold each other up when one path is rocky, enjoy the sunshine and flowers we see together

My path is not isolated, others’ run near, they tread similar ground, we support each other and laugh together.

But I still long for someone to walk one path with. I, i hope our paths will join and become one. Perhaps, in time, they will split again… life is full of surprises and changes. But I long for that time when We walk along a shared path

i thought i might have found them, i hoped i had. Now, I see  i had found another person whose path wound near mine for a time. These paths never merged. I look back and see my one set of footprints


This path has room for two


Where are you?

Do you exist?


Full of Sunshine

I see it in your smile,

Joy in life, honestly happy,

Your spark,

You sparkle, perpetual bloom,

Loving all around you,

I see,

Artless, sincere, you care,

Happiness begets happiness,

And love begets love,

My friend full of sunshine,

Always smiling, extraordinary,

You warm my smile.


Because there isn’t enough anywhere to reflect how much I love my friends… One day I hope to find the right words!